Board of directors

Walter Vogt

walter vogt

Walter studied in Stuttgart until 1974 (diploma as transportation engineer). Since 1974 he was research assistant, academic counsel, senior academic counsel and vice director at the Institute for Road and Transportation Science of the University Stuttgart. 1985 he got the doctor`s degree in civil engineering.

His fields of responsibility covered managing tasks in administration, lecturing transportation planning, transport and environment, transport and urban land use planning et al. He was involved in various research projects and expertise dealing with issues like transportation planning, mobility and (tele-) communication, environmental impacts of traffic (Impact, cost-benefit-analysis etc.) and traffic in towns (esp. planning and design for non-motorized modes of transport). He participated in interdisciplinary projects in a national and international context (e.g. MOBILIST, VI-VA, URB-Al, Go Pedelec, Smart E-Bikes). In Irkutsk/ Russia he supported and participated regularly the annual Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning and Design. He is co-editor and of some specialist books and author as well as co-author of a set of articles in scientific journals. He is member in various national organizations like FGSV, DVWG, VSVI or ECF (Scientists for cycling) and MOVILIZATION (member of director`s board) in international context.

Since July 2013 in retirement he still works in some of the mentioned organizations, prepares further books and articles and is active as one of the speakers of the Stuttgarter Radforum (working groups “pedelec, innovative bicycle technics” and “bicycle infrastructure”), a NGO taking care of promotion and improvement of cycling in the city of Stuttgart.


Ton Daggers

ton uitsnede

Ton Daggers is owner of IBC cycling consultancy and has worked for more than 20 years in cycling promotion programs mostly in Latin American and European cities. Ton has an academic degree in Social Geography and Anthropology and made his hobby his work. Cycling promotion in all his aspects is the red line of his activities. IBC is partner in the projects GoPedelec for promotion of electric bicycles, Cyclelogistics for promotion of cargo on bikes in transport of last mile logistics in cities, and in Mobile 2020 a project to support European cities in developing cycling policies as part of their transport policy. Ton Daggers is also task manager for Non Motorized Transport for Cities for Mobility. Ton is member of the board of directors of the MOVILIZATION foundation. Ton has given lectures and training courses in Asia, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Russia and many other European countries.