Bicycle highways in The Netherlands

Author: Ruud Ditewig, Movilization The Netherlands


In The Netherlands sixteen national bicycle highways will be realized. The bicycle highways connects residentials area’s with office parks and industrial area’s. These bicycle highways are parallel structures of motor highways, as an alternative for the car.
It’s a program of the Dutch ministery of Infrastructure in cooperation of with the provinces, regions and municipalities.

The bicycle highway

The national bicycle highways are always part of the regional bicycle networks. The infrastructure of these bicycle highways is designed for a maximum speed of 25 km/hour. The routes are chosen to avoid traffic lights and to avoid grade crossing as much as possible.
The design of these bicycle highways is a cooperation of the central city, several suburban municipalities and is coordinated by the region.
A promotion and communication plan is part of the project.

The meaning for electric bikes

Because it’s possible to use these routes with higher speeds, they are ideal for electric bikes. It must be possible to maintain a speed of 20 – 25 km/hour for some kilometers without stopping.
Promoting the electric bike will be part of the promoting and communication plan.