Movemements in the city.

By Javiera Advis Jimenez

Digitial vector illustration as a way to illustrate movements in the city.

The work represents my interest in urban life and originated from the observation of the uses of well-designed public spaces: multifunctional, safe, livable and simultaneously intense. In this specific case, the Market Square in Ludwigsburg, Germany, the place where the main activities of the city are concentrated.
The eight paintings from lines represent the movements of the various passers-by, in different situations: in a normal morning, at dawn, during construction of the Christmas market, during the Christmas market on a foggy day, a sunny day, a rainy evening and late at night. A ninth chart shows the sum of all these moments.
To capture the movements, the Market Squere was photographed from above, always from the same angle at intervals of 7 to 8 seconds for five minutes in each situation.
Forty photographs were arranged chronologically and on them the path of movement of the various users of the square were drawn. Finally, the context was omitted. Yet, without context, we can understand the scene, thanks to lines that represent each of the journeys made
The resulting lines are the arising of a single gesture, which along with others, becomes a collective gesture, transformed into a drawing which shows the concrete and legible richness of city movement.
In addition to the pictures of different situations, notes describing each person in motion (clothing, actions, age, etc), and recordings with the sound of crashing in specific situations, give an overall impression of the moment and the observed environment.