The electrical cycle rickshaw for elderly and refugees – a real-life field test in favor of sustainable mobility culture

14 January 2016

A first rickshaw will be bought in the near future; the costs will be paid by sponsorship money and association fees. A second one will be borrowed for the time between April and October 2016. Experiences with the use of the electrical cycle rickshaw will be evaluated in context of the research project “Future City Lab – Real-life laboratory in favor of a sustainable mobility culture”, where the “Cycle rickshaw idea” won one of the grants.
The project “Future City Lab – Real-life laboratory in favor of a sustainable mobility culture” (duration 2015 – 2017), subsidized by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts of the state of Baden-Württemberg and the Federal Environment Agency, will be carried out by a researcher team which is composed by members of some institutes of the university of Stuttgart, actors and initiatives of civil society as well as of other partners of the city and the region of Stuttgart. It deals with questions like “How will people move in the region of Stuttgart in future? What are the visions, ideas and concrete contributions towards a sustainable mobility culture?” The proposed real-life laboratory shall create a platform for new formats and new partnerships to promote the topic. By the chosen approach with an interlinking of researchers, students and other actors of civil society citizens become co-researchers and researchers stronger engage in local sociopolitical issues. Besides the citizens` cycle rickshaw also other cycling-related real-life field-tests won grants like “Reward strategy for cycling” and “New cargo bike initiative”.
It was MOVILIZATION member Walter Vogt who gave the hint to the association to participate in the competition of real-life field-tests of the Future City Lab project and who did some professional advice in the run-up of the competition. Furthermore a students` group interested in a real-life experiment with refugees joined the team.

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