A trailer on probation encourages shopping by bicycle

09 February 2016

An e-bike trial loan has proven to be a good incentive to promote the use and purchase. The same appears to hold true for the loan of bicycle bags & carts.

At least that's the conclusion of a French investigation into methods to increase the bicycle share in shopping. In the French town of Chambery with 125,000 inhabitants, these inhabitants make some 500,000 journeys per day of which 20% is related to shopping. And it happens only 1% by bicycle.

An intensive communication program has been implemented to get it moving. Both retailers and the - so far - propelled car customers were approached before. The former were urged to provide better parking, bike participants were given six months to a year panniers, bike baskets or trailers on loan.

The latter gave rise to a change in behavior. The bicycle share grew in the displacement of almost a quarter at the expense of the car.

The study also provided some nice figures about the potential of the bicycle as a transport mode. In 46% of cases were transported by bicycle from 0 to 5 kg and 44% of the movements between 5 and 20 kg.

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