Workshops & Training

Movilization provides training modules for city planners en engineers as well as for NGO's involved in sustainable mobility. Trainings and workshops can have different angles but always have an theoretical and practical component. Although the main emphasis is on cycling promotion and integration in the cities, an overall approach wherein city development and future vision on city development is included can all be parts of training modules.

Trainings can be given in the form of workshops were results are presented to the political gremium to develop a broader politiccal field in which future mobility and transport plans can be embedded.

Trainings and workshops can consist of several workforms such as lectures, fieldwork, role plays, placemaking processes and other.

Thus far trainings have been performed in many cities in Latin America, (Sao Paulo, Rio do Janiero, Florianopolis, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Barranquilla, Leon) Also the Movilization team particpated lately in a semninar training in Irkutsk in the Russian Federation. Movilization- IBC also took part in the training program cofinanced by the EU, Mobile 2020 for the training of 350 municipalities on cycling promotion in medium and small cities.